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: Plenary Room Sessions


1-4 October | Seoul

Plenary Room Sessions

1-4 October | Seoul

Session : Enterprise Imaging and Image Exchange Challenges Across the Globe

Date: Thursday, 3 October 2024

Time: 14:30 – 15:00

Location: Hall E

Cardiology, Radiology, Dermatology endoscopy, Dental and other medical images are challenging compared to the traditional Radiology images. Each type of these images have different workflow including invasive and non-invasive procedures. Having a complete encounter workflow with a complete DICOM support is another challenge with cardiology and dental images as an example. Creating interpretation about each type of images in structure report could be considered as different and with extra measurements that might be needed in the report. Import this report into electronic medical record in high interoperable way using HL7 is challenging too. Accommodate all these type of images in one repository considering the unified viewer is workflow challenge too.  Viewing these images with their reports and measurement at two different types of stations; first station would be the specialist station with more advanced application feature, annotation and measurements tool, the second station is traditional web station that will view the image and its report throughout the web.  This will bring image exchange ; for example Tele-Cardiology and Tele- Dental on the table for further consideration especially in the presence of Vendor Neutral Archive Solution.  Cardiology , dermatology, pathology and Dental images have similar demand by users to be exchanged, and having the right interoperability including standard, coding, etc is challenging too.

Learning objective:

  1. Learn how other non-Radiology images could work and behave in the industry while working with other systems
  2. Discover how interoperability can work throughout Vendor Neutral Archive to enable Tele-Cardiology and Tele- Dental
  3. Learn how could manage non-DICOM images to integrate them into encounter workflow.
  4. Explore what practices, standard and tool could be used to interoperable non-Radiology images and non-DICOM
  5. Find out how is Enterprise Imaging platform could be the perfect solution for multi ologies in the future.
Monief Eid

Enterprise Imaging & eHealth Senior Consultant, Ministry of Health-Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia